• E. Arthur Miller

    E. Arthur Miller

    Brilliant scientist/inventor struggling to make his mark on the world
  • Karina Barrett

    Karina Barrett

    Self tought, self reliant, independent woman with an overactive drive for fairness and justice. With it, she will right wrongs, and never mind that she has to bend the rules a little... she's been lucky so far.
  • Mabel Vera Plowright

    Mabel Vera Plowright

    Fiery career woman
  • Percival Perkins

    Percival Perkins

    This flaxen haired beau will certainly take center stage!
  • Waclaw Przybyla

    Waclaw Przybyla

    Dark brown hair and eyes with a forgetable face.Tall and skinny, seemingly in need of a good meal. His clothes are neat and tidy and he carries himself with purpose, his movements precise and deliberate.