E. Arthur Miller

Brilliant scientist/inventor struggling to make his mark on the world


E. Arthur Miller

Player Ryan
Archetype Scientist/Inventor
Motivation Truth

Primary Attributes

Body 2 Charisma 2
Dexterity 3 Intelligence 4
Strength 2 Willpower 2

Secondary Attributes

Health 4
Size 0 Initiative 7
Move 5 Defense 5
Perception 6 Stun 2
Active Defense 3 Passive Defense 2


Skill Stat Level Total
Academics – Philosophy INT 1 5
Art – Sketch/Draw INT 2 6
Athletics DEX 0 3
Craft INT 4 8
Drive DEX 0 3
Empathy INT 0 4
Firearms DEX 1 4
Specialty (Rifle) DEX 1 5
Investigation INT 2 6
Specialty (Research) INT 1 7
Linguistics INT 1 5
Specialty (Code) INT 1 6
Medicine INT 2 6
Specialty (Surgery) INT 1 7
Pilot – Aircraft DEX 1 4
Ride DEX 0 3
\Science INT 4 8
Stealth DEX 0 3
Survival INT 2 6
Specialty (Scrounging) INT 1 7


Skill Mastery (Craft)

During his childhood and whilst studying at University Arthur
has developed unrivalled skills and is able to craft almost
anything from whatever materials he can scrounge up

Skill Mastery (Science)

Arthur’s skills as a technician have made him popular with
researchers at Berkeley and he has assisted on numerous projects
outside of his own studies. This has given him the opportunity
to learn far more about all the fields of science than would
normally be possible for a young man


Contacts (Berkeley University Faculty)

As a highly valued Ph.D Student and Research Fellow Arthur
has made a number of friends within the faculty of Berkeley.


Curious: Arthur is insatiably curious. The unknown
fascinates him and he will leave no stone unturned in his
search for answers. He cannot leave well enough alone and
often ends up in trouble. Earns a Stylepoint his curiosity
gets him or his companions into trouble.


Just some notes I’m working on…
The cyclotron was invented by Leó Szilárd and first manufactured and patented1 by Ernest Lawrence of the University of California, Berkeley, where it was first operated in 1932.2 A graduate student, M. Stanley Livingston E. Arthur Miller, did much of the work of translating the idea into working hardware.
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Gilbert N. Lewis
Glenn T. Seaborg
Ernest Lawrence

E. Arthur Miller

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