Waclaw Przybyla

Dark brown hair and eyes with a forgetable face.Tall and skinny, seemingly in need of a good meal. His clothes are neat and tidy and he carries himself with purpose, his movements precise and deliberate.


Primary Attributes

Body 2
Charisma 2
Dexterity 4
Intelligence 2
Strength 1
Willpower 4

Secondary Attributes

Size 0
Initiative 6
Move 5
Defense 6
Perception 8
Stun 2


Academics 5 (Occult)
Acrobatics 5
Athletics 1
Bureaucracy 3
Drive 5
Demolitions 3 (Pyrotechnics)
Empathy 5
Firearms 6 (Handgun)
Investigation 3
Larceny 8
Performance 3
Pilot Ship 5
Stealth 5
Streetwise 5


Escape artist


Rank Level 0 – “Magicians guild”

Motivation and Flaws

He seeks the “truth”

Phobia – Water / Enclosed spaces / Performing


Originally from Chicago he spent several years with a traveling circus learning from his mentor “Mysterio” about magic. Early in his own stage career he had a bad accident with a water escape trick that left him no longer able to perform for an audience. He now lives and works in L.A. designing and building magic tricks for use on stage as well as helping out with pyrotechnics for films on the Hollywood lot on occasion.

Waclaw Przybyla

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